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And also, you can leave a short review of the podcast on that page. and I’ve had couple of ratings but I haven’t had any reviews yet. So, I recommend that you learn them and use them, okay? If you like someone, if you think someone is attractive, then you act, you behave in a way show that shows you like them. So, typically things are: ‘Do u come here often,’ ‘Can I buy you a drink,’ or ‘you’ve got lovely eyes,’ that kind of things. Next expression is to go out with someone, to go out with someone. One meaning is to go out with someone means to go on a date, right? DATING & RELATIONSHIPS Hello, welcome to Luke’s English Podcast. If you go to the i Tunes Store, you can do a search for Luke’s English podcast and you will find it there and you can subscribe to the podcast using i Tunes there. So, ‘unbelievably stupid’ means really really stupid. She thinks that he’s not like the other guys that he’s not unbelievably stupid. So, these expressions are really important and really useful for you. And then they start chatting, talking to try [to] make the girl fancy him, okay?I mean, I’d like you to say how brilliant it is of course so that way I can get more listeners, yeh? I mean you can be honest, for example, and say ‘I think it’s quite good but I found some of the episodes are a bit too long these days’ or something like that. So you can leave a review on my i Tunes page or you can send me an e-mail by teacher Luke… Now, in today’s podcast, first of all, I’m just going to tell you what I’ve been doing recently. So that’s ‘Hi, How’s it going.’ ‘How’s it going’ is another way of saying ‘how are you’. ‘I went out with her last night.’ But we also use ‘to go out’ to mean that you’re someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend.Or you can say ‘I think it’s very useful but the problem is Luke doesn’t write a transcript for the episodes. So I’m going to give you an update on things that I’ve been doing. And, often in a continuous form, so, ‘I’m going out with her,’ means she is my girlfriend. Now, I’m single at the moment and I’ve been trying to meet someone. Yeah, so, I’m not going to tell you any more about that. Some people, especially these days, meet each other on the Internet.

But she is very pleased that this guy seems to be different. But there is a little joke, a comedy joke in the sketch. What’s the funny thing about this little sketch, okay? Now, let’s move on to the feature section of the podcast. [11’54” Jingle playing] Okay, so, the feature section today is about dating. Now, in England, people meet their girlfriend of boyfriend in lots of different ways. Well, it might be that their friends hook them up, right? It can be a bit difficult and you have to try to make conversation. And then they go on a date and then you know, who knows, they might fall in love or something. By the way, I might use some English expressions in this part of the podcast that you don’t understand. So, don’t forget to use present perfect continuous to talk about your recent activities. Trying to find someone so that you can have a relationship with them. And that’s usually quite a difficult kind of date to go on because it can be very embarrassing if you don’t like each other. You know, I think actually most people in relationships meet their boyfriend or girlfriend at work. So, they might, for example, meet at work and flirt with each other and chat each other up at work, and then go out with each other. They might flirt with each other and then he might ask her out. So, yes, I’m not going to tell you any more about it. And then you can find someone very quickly and very easily. Well, I’ve been listening to a lot of funk music like that. You will just have to use your imagination to try and guess how those dates went and what the girl was like and all those things. So, if you are single, you might decide that you’re going to sign up to an online dating agency.

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