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It has a low-res 640x480-pixel VGA resolution and sends photos of security events rather than saving video clips.These features aren't exactly deal breakers, but its alerts were sporadic, which seriously limits its usefulness as a security camera.The camera is easy to install and its related app is easy to navigate.

As first thing, I tried to reach the router, so I opened my web browser and typed without knowing the class of my IP. Typed the address into the browser and it asked for username and password. I decided to try the credentials used by “hackers” to build up the (in)famous Mirai Botnet aaand… So I looked for a good terminal emulator for Android and I found Termux (if you don’t already use it, check it out because is really awesome!

It doesn't have a built-in siren, though, which is a typical feature for a self-contained home security system.

You also have to sign up for Canary's cloud service to use basic features like two-way talk, the web app and longer video clips.

Surprisingly it worked and I was in front of the webpage of a modem/router owned by a bigger Italian operator, that asked me to insert username and passwords. ), then I typed Checking the memory leak I couldn’t find the password, so I searched for the word “admin”, because I thought that the admin is the default user and the password is usually near the username and, lucky me, it was like I guessed!

Examining the exploit code, I found that essentially I only needed to make a GET and strings the output for post examination.

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