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A more comprehensive civil rights law was needed to implement access for people with disabilities in all facets of society, including higher education. Other disabilities cited included visual impairment (13%); orthopedic-related impairments (9%); speech impairments (5.3%); health-related disabilities, such as those resulting from cystic fibrosis, cancer, and multiple sclerosis (19%); and "other" disabilities (22%).Thus, the foundation for the Americans with Disabilities Act was developed, leading to its passage in Congress by an overwhelming majority and its enactment into law on July 26,1990. This last category includes attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and psychiatric disabilities. de la Teja Before the 1970s, more than half of the children with disabilities in the United States did not receive appropriate educational services that would enable them to have full equality of opportunity.This federal program, now entitled the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), ensures educational opportunities for children with disabilities in public elementary and secondary schools.

Program accessibility is a concept that allows recipients of federal funds, in this case colleges and universities, to make their programs and activities available to individuals with disabilities without extensive retrofitting of their existing buildings and facilities by offering those programs through alternative methods.

One in eleven first-time, full-time freshmen entering college in 1998 reported having a disability. The numbers of students with disabilities transitioning from high school to higher education is expected to increase even more in the decades to come because of increased implementation of federal laws.

The protections and considerable modifications and services available under the IDEA to children with disabilities in primary education do not extend to education beyond the secondary level.

Basically, the section 504 and the Title II concepts of program accessibility are the same. Since 1990, many campuses have focused on becoming learning-centered campuses that emphasize broad approaches to learning designed to create positive academic outcomes for increasingly diverse student populations.

However, Title II of the ADA extends the program accessibility concept to all public campuses regardless of the source of funding for any campus programs, meaning that existing buildings do not need to be altered to be accessible to students with disabilities as long as the program is accessible. These new approaches, designed to improve students' views of themselves as learners, their motivation to learn, and their self-sufficiency as scholars, are especially important for students with special learning needs.

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