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Interestingly, her experiences are reflected in her fiction: stories like “The Lottery” have themes of a community’s fear and persecution of individuals, and many of her central characters, such as Eleanor Vance from , which concerns two women, one of them agoraphobic, who live with the hostility of the townspeople around them.

Yet if the novel was meant to exorcise Jackson’s demons, it failed: she was exhausted by writing it and would not leave the house for almost three months.

And in 2002 she got her big TV break with the show on the Food Network.

Image Source American writer Shirley Jackson constantly struggled with personal demons.

A successful businessman, filmmaker and aviator, Hughes also suffered from untreated OCD and agoraphobia.

Severe agoraphobes, on the other hand, can feel anxious anywhere outside of their comfort zone – and that space may be as small as a house, or even a room.

Celebrities are constantly hounded by photographers and fans and are surrounded by stress, so it’s perhaps not surprising that a fair number of them have developed agoraphobia over the years.

And because he wasn’t shaving, cutting his hair or even trimming his nails, he was pretty much unrecognizable at the time. He was suffering from malnutrition as a result of his out of control obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Image Source Born in 1871, Marcel Proust was a French writer best known for his book ).

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His aides were instructed not to look at him or speak to him unless spoken to.

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