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If you have any comments or questions on any of my posts then please do ask - any positive contribution is very much welcomed.In this scenario, you can design your descriptive flexfield on a System variable context. There is only one context reference field available per Descriptive Flexfield. When we query Address DFF in Receivables, I am trying to add my custom valuesets for the code AS_DEFAULT segments for City, State, County and Postal Code. thanks anil Hi Anil thnx for the reply so if the context is dependent on profile or global variable, we have to use tht profile in context reference field and populate the profile value programmatically using custom.pll/fp. Regards Kishore The Invoice Line Information DFF is used in AR Transactions Form and AR Credit Transactions form.If you choose to have your DFF context sensitive on a profile option, then you will have to live with it forever(ah should I say fusion-when D2K forms are gone). When i choose Postal code based on that other columns needs to be populated. I need to set a Reference Field of BATCH_SOURCE name in both the Forms. Thanks Prasad Anil, I recently came across your blog and am very impressed with the work you are doing.In case you do not know much about profile options, you must also read link basic concepts of Profile Options In case of using profile option, value in Context Reference Field of the descriptive flexfield will be the profile option[see picture below].Lets say for Responsibility-1 this profile is set to XX, and for Responsibility-2 this profile is set to YY, and for a special user this profile is set to value ZZ. Hi Anil I have a doubt regarding how to change the context using or form personalisation?

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