An intimidating guy

Listening to music also has connections to sex, which is why being a musician is a bonus. In western developed countries where girls (and people in general) feel safe 99% of the time, can walk around alone at night and have all of their basic needs met, the fun guy will do better on average.

(alternatively, sometimes I dress a bit cowboy / construction worker depending on the type of stuff I'm doing). Life of the party because that shows social power - and power/influence is probably more attractive to women.

There are people who are just born to be B players and not A players. Sometimes being a B player in a huge company is better than trying to be a A player who fails miserably. FB investor in the early days who has net worth of several billions vs owning a small startup that fails. I have no clue why people keep posting hypothetical about X actor. If you're TRYING to be funny or intimidating, your CORE isn't manly and any hot girl will smell it.

If you're just NATURALLY funny or intimidating, it will be authentic.

Authenticity isn't discussed much here on the forums but is key to actually having and maintaining relationships with hot girls as it's one thing to attract them and even bang them, but to keep them and have them fall in love with you, authenticity is key.

Yes money, game and good looks help but if the girl is really hot enough, she'll have TONS of options and there will ALWAYS be someone who is richer, better looking, has tighter game on a particular night but it's that authentic connection you develop with the girl that will keep her around.

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The problem is you don't want women to laugh at your expense nor do you want to make a joke about her looking fat in that dress.

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