Are nellie and michael dating dating in indian culture

Back in the Scranton office, Ryan the temp finally goes full time.

Michael kicks off the fall of 2006 by outing and then kissing gay accountant Oscar Martinez … The manager follows this up by dramatically shepherding the office through grief counseling after receiving news of the unexpected death of former manager Ed Truck.

Around this time, Michael buys a condo and begins juggling a complicated pair of relationships with his realtor, Carol Stills, and his superior, Jan Levinson.

Of course, that's far from being the only relationship drama going on around the office.

Jim attempts to propose to Pam in early 2008, but Andy steals his thunder by proposing to Angela first at the farewell party for Toby Flenderson — the HR rep who's leaving for Costa Rica.Soon after the wedding, Michael interviews with CFO David Wallace to replace Jan at the corporate office, but ultimately, that job goes to Ryan Howard, who becomes the youngest VP in the company's history.In the aftermath of Ryan Howard's promotion, Jim breaks up with Karen and finally hooks up with Pam.Rumors soon begin to swirl throughout the company that downsizing may be coming in the near future.Health care plans are slashed, and Michael lets employee Devon White go on Halloween through a bungled, painful display of incompetence.

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