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Lois arrives and apologizes for bringing him back to a place that holds so many of his memories, when Zoe and Clayton, the new Torch reporters, come in and recognize Clark and Lois as friends of Chloe.

They assume some kind of conspiracy is involved in Chloe's absence from society, as well as her former career as an up-and-coming reporter at the Daily Planet.

Clark and Lois are pronounced Homecoming King and Queen, much to Clark's own displeasure as he sits upon his throne, while Lois enjoys the attention and comments how it was a good thing he became the star quarterback in his senior year.

Clark then notices Greg Arkin amongst the crowd, staring at him.

Clearly saddened due to his doubts about being a hero, Lois tries to offer Clark some comfort and suggests that the two of them attend their five-year Smallville High class reunion.While not paying attention to his surroundings, Clark bumps into a woman who is carrying a pile of books that fall, and as he bends down to retrieve them he flashes back to a memory of Clark returns the books to their owner, the school's guidance counselor, who is simply overjoyed to see Clark and gives him a hug, saying that they have a special surprise for him later on.As Clark and Lois go into the school, they are unaware of the arrival of former student Greg Arkin.→ see also Category: Screencaps from episode 10x04 At his loft, Clark is looking at magazines, featuring Kara as a superhero, Oliver revealing himself to the world, and a Times Magazine that questions if the Blur is a hero.Clark then proceeds to look at the empty book that once held the key, beginning to believe that perhaps Jor-El is right and he is not the chosen savior of humanity after all.

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