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– The Screwtape Letters Oursler, Fulton – The Greatest Story Ever Told Teresa, Bl. – Story of a Soul A’Kempis, Thomas – The Imitation of Christ Aumann, Jordan – Spiritual Theology Baur, Benedict – Frequent Confession Baur, Benedict – In Silence with God Boylan, Eugene – Difficulties in Mental Prayer Boylan, Eugene – This Tremendous Lover Burke, Cormac – Covenanted Happiness Chautard, Jean-Baptiste – The Soul of the Apostolatede Caussade, Jean-Pierre – Abandonment to Divine Providencede Montfort, Louis-Marie – True Devotion to Mary de Sales, St.

The infamous musician, author, and visual artist is popularly known as the lead singer of the famous rock band- “Incubus.” With his each album release, he has gained millions of fans through their music. After completing his initial schooling, he then attended the Calabasas High School to complete his education.

But he soon left the college after he joined the band- “Incubus.” Boyd started his career in music while still in his college. However, fans started noticing them when they released their albums- Make Yourself as well as Morning View.

Along with other members, he started a band named- Incubus. Both of these albums were commercially successful gaining a whole lot of fan base, especially female fans.

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– The Cure of Ars Wegemer, Gerard – Thomas More: A Portrait of Courage Weigel, George – Witness to Hope Alighieri, Dante – The Divine Comedy Benson, Robert Hugh – Lord of the World Bernanos, George – The Diary of a Country Priestde Cervantes, Miguel – Don Quixote Eliot, T. – Christianity and Culture Endo, Shusaku – Silence Hopkins, Gerard Manley – Poems and Prose Newman, John Henry – The Idea of a University O’Conner, Flannery – The Complete Stories Percy, Walker – Lost in the Cosmos Percy, Walker – Love in the Ruins Sienkiewicz, Henryk – Quo Vadis Tolkien, J. Thomas – My Way of Life/Summa Theologica Augustine, St.

Because of his links with a musical family, he was inspired to become a musician since a very early age.

His younger brother Jason Boys is also the former lead singer of the popular band- “Audiovent” and his cousin Sam Boyd is a professional motocross rider.

My personal goal is to finish the entire list by the time I turn 35.

Pope – Crossing the Threshold of Hope Masson, Georgina – The Companion Guide to Rome Monti, James – The King’s Good Servant but God’s First Rice, Charles – 50 Questions on the Natural Law Sertillanges, A. – The Intellectual Life Stein, Edith – Essays on Woman I’ve read a number of books from this list already, and I try to always be in the middle of at least one of its titles.

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Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox Day, Dorothy – The Long Loneliness John XXIII, Pope John – Journal of a Soul Merton, Thomas – The Seven Storey Mountain Muggeridge, Malcolm – Something Beautiful for God Newman, John Henry – Apologia Pro Vita Sua Suarez, Federico – Mary of Nazareth Trochu, F. – The Lord of the Rings Undset, Sigrid – Kristin Lavransdatter I: The Bridal Wreath Undset, Sigrid – Kristin Lavransdatter II : The Wife Undset, Sigrid – Kristin Lavransdatter III: The Cross Waugh, Evelyn – Brideshead Revisited Aquinas, St.

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