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When I was back-up dancing for Miley Cyrus, I remember being backstage and watching her on stage, and being like, 'I want to do that.' So, to really put my dreams out there and just go for it is really just the most exciting thing.And to see it come to life I guess I was just proud, and it's really cool." Another pair that had their own web series was Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.She’s most famous for her You Tube Channel where she teaches viewers the moves to famous dance scenes.Though that is popular, she still dreams of becoming a famous singer, "To transition from dancer/choreographer to a singer is just a big dream of mine.This was years before she starred in and started dating a more relevant star, Zac Efron.Guess she was a big Drake Bell fangirl who was far from innocent as a young teen.They started their show in 2007 on Demi Lovato’s You Tube account.They wanted to keep fans updated on what was going on with Disney Channel.

This would keep the shows fresh as they switched things up. Or how she sued a "sultry" phone company for using her face in their ads. Then a year later, as shooting was wrapping up, she announced that she was engaged to Trace. I thought we passed that repression." This is what she said a few years back.

The finale was the best episode of them all, no wonder it had so many viewers.

That’s one-quarter of all kids between the ages of 10 and 19 in America. And this, kids, is why Kyle Massey is worth just million and Selena Gomez, who got paid ,000 an episode on was a good show, no real Disney fan can argue.

So, they returned the favor by respecting him and keeping the girls covered.

Re-watching it, you’ll realize that the movie is very tame and innocent even for a Disney Channel movie.

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