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It isn't fair that a husband bears the brunt of his wife's frustration, but be flattered: Your wife knows you can handle it, because you are, at the end of the day, the only other grown-up in the house.— Q: Why do you buy über-healthy food that you're not going to eat? So these purchases are not the waste of money and pantry space they appear to be.There's nothing more appealing to the ladies than a long-term rehabilitation project, as the abundance of serial-killer jail mail makes clear.There's also the matter of bloodsucking, a literal metaphor for sex if there ever was one: the vampire's fangs stabbing the woman's neck, draining her until she falls into an ecstatic stupor.And in my particular case, they also pay the bills. " class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src=" fill=40&resize=480:*"A: Here's why we wear padded bras: Number one, they're thick, so they eliminate the dreaded headlight syndrome.Number two, they're about the sell: They put our assets where they're supposed to be.

He said, “Even when work keeps them apart, they’re phoning and texting each other all the time!

What's mildly irritating in kids is infuriating in adults. With four young kids in our house, I need to know that my husband's got my back.

Anything that creates more work, whether it's un-dyeing the laundry he turned pink or rescheduling that missed appointment, frustrates me.

An especially hot pair can make us feel sexier, taller, and stronger, all without any creepy injectibles or carb-free crash diets.

No matter what our drama — stress, bloating, breakups — shoes almost always fit, and if not, there's no guilt in going up a size.

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Whether to commiserate, vent, get advice, or gloat, we work through our experiences verbally.

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