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It sounds like you are making excuses with this whole dressing situation.

Why do you have to come on the internet and tell anonymous strangers about it if it's not a big deal?

I have no problem with anything he said because I love him and have for a long time. So he's a pretty religious Muslim but is fine with dating? As Isis pointed out, a lot of times "Muslim men (or even some really relgious men in general) prefer virgins from their own faith and culture.

It's a possibility and I think it's likely he will demand more and more of your freedom, as Isis noted. What this tells me is that even though you've been dating for four years, you don't trust him with your daughter.

Is there an age difference between you and your partner?

As children get older, Muslim men often feel an urgent need to instill religion in them, especially if the wife is a non-Muslim.

There are other factors to consider before agreeing to marry a Muslim man, and we will discuss them in another entry.

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