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I mean, he fancied Cho [Chang, Cedric's girlfriend] before Cedric died, but Cedric's death meant he was taken out of the picture, and she was vulnerable, and Harry's a shoulder to lean on and it's all messed up.There's a picture of Cedric on the wall, on the mirror, when I kiss her. MTV: I didn't realize people were making it the focal point."I think that America is probably doing slightly better in terms of diversity, but I like to think that we are getting somewhere in terms of representation." The actress, who was born in Scotland and is of Hong Kong descent, added: "In the 15 years that I have been acting, I have really yet to play a role that is not down to the colour of my skin, so I can't say that I have experienced anything like that yet, but I look forward to that day."I did a workshop not so long ago with a bunch of Scottish people and it was such a joy to just play the part of a Scottish girl – that's something that I really miss doing and being, especially living in London now." sees her play Lau Chen, a politically-engaged young woman "protesting a corrupt government".Though the rest of the wizarding world has been eagerly awaiting this seventh month because it brings the fifth movie in the "Potter" saga (see " 'Harry Potter' Set Visit: Go Inside The Ministry Of Magic In This Peek Behind The Scenes"), as well as the final book of the series (see " 'Harry Potter' Roundtable: Experts Battle Over Theories On How Series Will End"), Radcliffe has another magical date marked on his calendar — his 18th birthday on July 23.As the world's most famous boy wizard becomes a man — and a more accomplished actor, too, branching out from the "Potter" films to Muggle roles onstage in "Equus" and in the forthcoming movie "December Boys" — he's shepherding his signature character into manhood as well.She plays Mei Ashley, an adopted young woman who returns to China to meet her biological family after she is contacted by them when her brother faces execution.Discussing the role in the three-part drama, Katie said: “She’s leading this pretty cushy life.

There, he meets Lau Chen, with whom he shares a surprising connection.He's thinking, "I should have been the one to die." So yeah, he's got something extra that he's suffering with, and he hasn't been talked to by his friends all summer.He feels abandoned after finding out Voldemort's back. MTV: You prepared for this by talking to a bereavement counselor. We talked a lot about survivor's guilt, which is very real and very common, especially in car crashes, particularly if someone was driving and someone else died.The 28-year-old Chinese-Scottish actress, who starred in three of the eight films from the wizarding franchise, appeared on ITV’s Lorraine today to talk about her new part in One Child.Katie is starring in the new mini-series, which is part of the BBC’s China season, which explores the country’s one child policy.

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