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Making time for online dating can still be tricky, even with our matchmaking features.Which is why our dating app is the perfect way to balance your quest for to a find a date and your busy personal life.I am just wondering what challenges anyone has faced dating a pilot?I know they are gone 3 to 4 days out of a week, which probably won't be a problem for me.Our service is designed for people who don’t have time to be looking through profiles all the time or meeting up for mismatched first dates.When you join Elite Singles you’ll be asked to fill out our in-depth personality test, exclusively designed to find out your most important values and desires.Didn't stick around long enough to see how big his ego got once he became pilot instead of co. I don't know anything about pilots in general, all I can say is my nephew has an ego the size of a 747.

Simply, because uniform dating is desirable thanks to the qualities that the people in those uniforms tend to have.

After that, you’ll create a profile and we’ll send you 3-7 matches per day of people who have been matched to you using our advanced algorithm.

So, no looking for dates, no bad matches and with 100% of our profiles verified by our Customer Care you don’t have to worry about online safety - although we have a guide in case you’d like to bone up. A quick Google search will tell you that most of the articles out there have ominous titles like ‘surviving dating a pilot’ or ‘the pros and cons of dating a pilot’.

’ Most commercial airlines offer a ‘buddy’ system for family and friends, so if your relationship becomes more serious perhaps you could be added to that coveted list.

Then you can say hello to cheap air travel, seat upgrades and discovering new and exciting destinations - all thanks to your new beau.

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