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If you really like a guy, here’s what you need to know, to help you navigate the waters of dating a man with kids.

Dating a man with kids A past means he comes with baggage.

It’s an adjustment for not only you, but them as well.

They may be temperamental and opinionated around you because they’re hurt.

There is no advice I could give other than if you like him, date him regardless. I would personally never date a man that already has kids for the reason that I cannot accept someone elses kids, but that's just me.

You can also sit down with them and let them know that you’re not trying to replace their mother.

Do you think he doesn't really care for you as a woman and he doesn't respect you or treat you nice?

If so you need to be strong and tell him how you feel. Good luck Nia is talking about dating a man that has a child and feels left out when the child is around.

He wants me to become the child's mother over mother over night.

Presently he has stop calling and i don't think is i should call me because i don't want to be the babysitter. Are you saying you think this guy is just using you as a babysitter?

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