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Any foreigner cures girl from Belarus from the main disease which is low self-esteem.

But this is almost never recognized either by Belarusian women (they are “strong”) or foreigners (they did not notice or are just well brought up).

This means that the average Belarusian woman has to fight for the Belarusian man with two other Belarusian women.

It turns out that after the 2nd World War, the Belarusian society still can not restore the numerical balance “men – women” in their reproductive years.

So it turns out that Belarus today ss matriarchal state in which a handful of mustached man sincerely believes he rules the country.

For example, in Germany the number of same age guys compared with the number of women is the same in the age of 50 years; in the UK at the age of 40; in Canada at the age of 53; in Italy at the age of 47, in the Netherlands after 64; in Nigeria after 49; in Kenya after 46; in Ukraine at the age of 29.

In Belarus, the number of male ready for relations and reproduction is compared with the number of women is equal not even at 29, but much earlier, at the age of 25.

Belarusians are small nation living in voluntary isolation.

Belarusians are always interested in foreigners and foreigners are interested in Belarusians.

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Times when men risked their lives on the hunt for a mammoth, during wars, at the coal mining or on the timber floating in the civilized world are over.

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