Dating concerns

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For the last week I've been running accounts on Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. So I tip my hat to anyone who's trying seriously: my self-confidence wouldn't survive that. Me (24M, Belgian) had Tinder date a couple of days ago. We walked around town and sat at a pub for 8 hours straight and it literally was like the best date ever.

Now, I feel like an idiot for really liking this girl, having like the best date ever only to realize she is so sick in the head.

I mean, I really cannot stand homophobia or racism.

I don’t feel attracted to anyone I meet, but they are attractive, I just don’t get those feelings when you’re really into someone.

The last time I connect with someone I really like was over a year and a half ago, and that just ended in heartbreak.

In my short time in VA i met countless women, hookups and relationships.

Am I just trying to compare those same feelings I instantly had with my ex?

Lets say that you are a broke college student who can barely pay rent, but you try and work very hard.

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