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On top of that, the transmedia team were trying to get into the heads of Grace's friends with regards to how they'd be checking in with her via text messages or Instagram.

was when it came to Grace's turbulent storyline this past season, there were also plenty of other moments that showed how fun it was to be a show that used social media as part of the storytelling.

"I think a big point is like, okay, fans — we want to meet you at the level of sophistication that you're operating at and the way they find the bread crumbs.""When you're doing something that's more traditional, you really don't get to have all of these different places where you can just play and push things and see, as an experiment," Karen added.

Aahhhh today we are going to talk with you about one of the most insidious Forever Single Dating Patterns. This is when a guy gives you just enough attention, love, affection or communication to leave you wanting more.

Earlier in the season, fan favorite Shay had gone dark on social media after getting wrapped up in some drama.

She ended up archiving all the photos on her old Instagram, but had a finsta that was building up content throughout the rest of the season.

For example, when the creative team initially had them celebrating Halloween in "Our North Star has always been about being authentic and making sure that whatever we're putting out via the post, via a song, via an essay or something as simple as like changing a profile picture or archiving a post, like all of that has to do with story and character and remaining true to the personalities of the show," Eleanor Laurence, who leads the transmedia team and social strategy behind the characters, told .

"Maybe it's just the shows I've worked on, but I very rarely have encountered the level of involvement that these kids or actors have in sort of just speaking to who they think their character is and how they want to express their character." tackled heavier subject matter.

Not only is living with the crumbs of love demoralizing and lonely, but it means you’re living in a way that is far less than happy, full and good.That leads to Grace, who doesn't drink, taking a shot and going down a slippery road for the night.In a follow-up clip, Grace can be seen in a car with Clay driving and the last flash is headlights shining in their faces and screaming as the car swerves, then cutting to black.That’s barely a crumb, and no one changes for anyone else.I’ve been there and hung on hoping my lover would change for me. Promises screamed from the rooftops have nothing on a woman taking action, showing up and keeping promises. Love is sure and keeps trying and wants the best for you.

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In one of the clips from season two, Grace goes to Daniel's house looking for him but ends up finding his brother Clay throwing a party.

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