Dating girl in punjab

and believe me this is the cutest thing ever, sometimes you may react irritate to this but yes deep inside even you love this thing.

and this is something we call it as they have the 100% commitment in their mind and they are going to marry you for sure. if you think Punjabi’s are rude just because they are loud You haven’t had a Punjabi boy flirt with you yet!

and the best part is he has the ability to maintain the balance between you and the family.

Bullet Ride You’ll for sure enjoy the bullet ride with your Sardar g.

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Actually you will experience every best and the best part is very soon you will be official Bhabhi ji to all of his friends. Yes he will always be loyal to you and will respect you like anything and he know each and everything about you, may be he is not able to express his feelings to you. there would be time for sure when you will complain him about this show off part that if you actually love me why do you always end up so dumb when it comes to sharing your feelings.

and believe me that day he’ll behave so innocent and will even make you cry.

No one would have to worry about dieting—With the two communities coming together, no one would care for the diet plan anymore. Shopping would no longer be a bone of contention- None of the communities detest shopping and when they couple up, there would be no typical fighting over how boring shopping is!

You could go dating in red pants or yellow boots—Both these communities dress without a care for season picks.

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You’ll skip your daily soap Saas-Bahu drama you’ll for sure.

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