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She describes herself as competitive and a little controlling, but in a good way.

She is willing to go anywhere the Race takes her and isn't afraid of adventure.

Their strong showing gave them a place in Unfinished Business.

Margie's surprising physical strength combined with Luke's ruthless strategy got them into the Final 3 without ever being in danger of elimination, but Luke choked away a massive lead on the Final Roadblock, leaving the task last despite having 8 of his 11 surfboards placed before the other teams showed up, ultimately giving them 3rd place.

Margie O'Donnell (née Adams) and Luke Adams are a Mother/Son team on The Amazing Race 14, The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business, and The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

Luke was the first deaf contestant in the series, and as such, Phil signed their Race positions at the end of each leg.

What do you hope to accomplish by running the Race again (other than winning one million dollars): It would be cool if we could visit five continents, avoid being u-turned and be the first team to make it to the final three twice! Any strategic changes you will make heading into this Race: I don't think I will change anything since our strategy from last time worked well.

Pet peeve about your teammate: Nothing—she is an awesome teammate and mom! Hopefully it will bring us to the final three again and we can win this time! Previous Seasons: Seasons 14 & 18 Current occupation: RN and Sr.

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