Dating scripts revisited

Most studies examining bystanders' reactions to a violent attack have used an experimental or hypothetical situation involving a single victim.This study compares the intention to intervene on behalf of three hypothetical victims: a woman, a child, and a dog.This broad context--using a sociological lens--will enable us to study marriage and families as evolving social institutions. Because it is important to explore a variety of perspectives on each topic we are addressing, everyone will be expected to contribute to class discussions at each meeting.Most significantly, we will consider how gender, class, race, and ethnicity impact everyday family experiences. Always come to class with a question, concern, claim or connection you can share.Late work, without prior approval, will NOT be accepted.If you are confused or unclear at any time, ask for clarification.Creating logical arguments and building connections between the textual material is an essential part of this process. Instructions will be provided at the time the assignment is given.• FINAL EXAM: o The final exam will be a cumulative essay exam.You will be given a set of five questions to prepare in advance.

Absenteeism will be factored into your final grade.To facilitate this participation, you are required to prepare regular seminar questions that you introduce to the class discussion. A worksheet for developing seminar questions is attached to the end of the syllabus. Seminar Questions must be typed, and are to be handed in at the end of the class discussion of the specific article for which the seminar question was written.You must submit 15 seminar questions during the semester for which points will be given. You may, however, follow up previous class discussion by synthesizing an issue with the current reading you are commenting on.• EXTRA CREDIT: Extra credit opportunities may arise over the course of the semester.Expectations for such assignments will be given in class and will be available on the course website.Attendance Policies and Requirements• Attendance will be taken at each class.

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If you anticipate missing an assignment, you must make alternative arrangements with me PRIOR TO the assignment that will be missed. All forms of tobacco use are PROHIBITED in class.• As a college student, I expect that you are assuming adult responsibilities for your own education.

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