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Remind him that flowers from the grocery store are cheap ;). But anyone who’s an expat in Germany and has tried to get a work/marriage visa, insurance, or file taxes in Germany knows how utterly frustrating it can be. Regardless, once you get to know a German man, you will see his warmer, funnier side. He doesn’t show this to just anyone, so consider yourself special if he’s showing it to you. Or how he moved to Munich since he thought it would be easier for me to settle in. She's passionate about getting outdoors as often as possible and helping travellers do the same on their vacation in a sustainable way. A successful date for me is one where he opens the door and doesnt mention Trump (im american).

You’ll be eternally grateful for all of the countless phone calls and visits to the Ausländerbehörde (Foreigner Office) he makes on your behalf. She's Canadian and grew up in the Canadian Rockies but now lives in Munich, Germany. My standards have SIGNIFICANTLY lowered because these men are NOT all.

When he says he doesn’t like Christmas markets but will go with you anyway, it means he likes you.

On the other hand, if things aren’t going in the right direction, he will also be brutally honest about why he is ending it.

My friends do these things mentioned in the article as romantic.In my 20s I would have considered dating a German guy boring. So much so that I had a 9 1/2 year relationship with one. Be forewarned; he’ll call because he promised he would. He may just be calling you to inform you that he doesn’t like you, and doesn’t want to see you again. (This has happened to dozens of friends of mine in Munich.) Germans are sticklers for being on time. There’s no playing “will he show, or not show” games with German men. You won’t have to worry about trying to convince the waiter that your date is only running an hour late. But apparently waiting two days to call so that he doesn’t appear desperate is not one of them.I like the German way for this much better, way less confusing and I think I'll keep J. He just ignored all my calls and sms, but he does not blocked me or delete my contact. He brought flowers every week when we were dating (& still makes sure there are flowers in the house), spoils me on birthdays, christmas & valentines and is happy to "invite" me for meals when he knows it's a while before my payday!We've just found out that we're moving from the UK to Stuttgart (he's just been offered a job there) so any hints & tips you can give me on Stuttgart life would be much appreciated - anything from language school to where the best places to shop, eat etc.

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