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At the end of that three months, you might expect to receive an email from telling you that your subscription is about to expire and asking you if you want to renew. When members purchase a subscription they agree, often unwittingly, to these terms.

Luckily, members can turn off the auto-renewal feature by going to the 'Cancel/Change Membership' page under their 'Account Settings'.

Because of their paid subscription model, they aren't the biggest online dating site-that distinction belongs to Plenty of Fish.

But they certainly have enough users to provide a large pool for daters in most areas.

What if you are still looking around for a dating site and aren't ready to lay down the money?

Unfortunately, most of the complaints issued with the BBB against are from members who paid for one of the plans above, only to fall out of love with the service shortly thereafter.

In their online features, has created fun new ways for their members to get to know each other better, beyond the typical instant messenger conversation or email. These events let members meet, socialize, and hopefully hit it off in a group setting.

To spark relationships, for example, they've developed seven quick games that members can play together, including such intriguing titles as: "Romantic Rip Off," "Gut Reaction," "Drawn Together," and "Name That Dance." However, not content with just setting the stage for meetings online, has also gone into the real world to organize what they call "Stir Events" in many metropolitan areas around the U. has invested in a robust technical support team, enough that very few complaints submitted to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) against them are for problems with the actual website.

Over the years, we've learned more and more about what people want--and the tools they need to help take the lottery out of love." If you're shopping for an online dating service (unless you're looking for love by putting out personal ads in your local newspaper) you will almost certainly encounter offers.

They are usually unable to obtain a refund since they had already committed to a specific time period.

This point is worth reiterating: if you are going to get a paid subscription with, be ready to stick with it and definitely do not expect a refund if you pull out early.

If you catch her inside, she is likely reading poetry, painting, or eating loads of dark chocolate.

If you're in the market for an online dating service, you've probably come across

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