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This included emotional attachments to partners, parents, and family.They were then asked about conflicts with and opinions of their partner.Of the 35,900 Canadian teens in “dating relationships” involved in the study, 5.8 percent of boys and 4.2 percent of girls had experienced physical dating violence within the past year.Study author and UBC’s School of Nursing director Elizabeth Saewyc, Ph. tells that the study results can tell us a lot about what society expects of teenage boys and how those expectations might hamper their ability to recognize a bad situation when they see it.

Whether it comes from a boy or a girl, no one should have to experience it. “Still one in 20 youth that are dating experience violence,” she says.But they’re still reporting, yes, this has happened,” she adds.“I think they might not realize that what they’re talking about is an unhealthy relationship.”These concerns aside, Saewyc cautions that it’s really hard to pin down why these trends occur because you can’t ask follow-up questions.Respondents were asked about their life satisfaction and emotional state, including whether they have had mood swings, as well as feelings of emptiness and/or depression.Suicidal thoughts or statements were also included in the questions.

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Saewyc notes that this trend might have remained hidden for so long because due a confluence of societal ideas about masculinity and some poorly written survey questions.

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