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I began to think Hot For Ginger might be a parody dating website when I was greeted with ‘Fun with Food’ and ‘Water Sports’ as serious options in the ‘Other Interests’ category.I sometimes like to carve my age into my mashed potato and I once tried windsurfing during a school tour to Wexford in the ’90s, so I ticked both with gay abandon.I am looking for anything I can get my ginger lil’ hands on, really.” Rick said he was ginger but in his photos, he’s sadly bald. His profile told me he likes dogging, adult movies and visiting special shops.I only had his bushy red eyebrows and freckled shoulders left for proof. I liked how refreshingly up-front everyone was on this site. Bored with the peculiar nature of Hot For Ginger, I went on the hunt for more laidback ginger dating apps.By assembling the UK’s redheads into one place, we have created a central platform for discovering and interacting with one of humanity’s rarest groups of people.As well as fostering a full-blown tribe of redheads, we are also here to promote positivity towards red hair and generally fly the ginger flag.

They once staged a gingervention, trying to force me to date outside the one hair colour.2015 might be the Year of The Goat for the Chinese, but for me it’s going to be The Year of The Supportive Ginger Husband.If Stephen Fry can lock that tasty bit of jailbait into marriage after 11 months, surely it won’t take me that long to entrap – I mean entrance – a ginger lover? Most of my Facebook friends openly mock me about this, but when I finally bag my Supportive Ginger Husband, I’ll have the last laugh.Whilst there is a serious message underlying our pro-ginger activities, we always keep a sense of humour about us and try to deliver our message in a light-hearted way wherever possible. Because everyone knows that, actually, redheads have the most fun. ” was the accusation hurled across the table at me this Christmas.

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