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(When I interviewed him, Antosca told me Peter Jackson’s true-crime drama about two teenage girls who murdered one of their mothers in a dream-logic attempt to be together forever was a “huge influence on this show, on the style and philosophy.”) She cuts her toenail, paints her fingernails, even volunteers to go to the doctor for a feeding-tube change, taking her mom’s hand during the procedure.

Specifically, she’s narrowing into a point that will be plunged into her mother’s body.This is a harsh, unpleasant, yet bizarrely satisfying process to witness, like watching a prisoner sharpen a toothbrush handle into a shank.Yes, Gypsy and Nick discuss their plan to murder Dee Dee throughout the episode, starting off with tentative explorations of the very idea of being violent toward another person and ending with a fantasized femme-fatale seduction and the methodical purchasing and planning required to carry it out.It’s not cutting off any possibility of Gypsy and Nick talking to each other that she regrets, nor publicly berating and humiliating him. Pepper, which she’d denied due to her nonexistent sugar allergy.For the briefest second before the cut to the next scene, Gypsy’s eyes go cold as the grave she’ll soon be sending her mother to. “I’m here,” reads the final text message from Nick when he returns to town following the movie-theater debacle to murder Dee Dee on Gypsy’s behalf.

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