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Among them was Lone Wolfing, who said: “Better you found out now rather than somewhere down the track. “He may love you but be playing innocent games, you'll hear the excuse ‘they didn't mean anything to me’, which only hurt more when I heard it because it meant my SO hurt me for someone that didn't matter.” And I am NOT a cantaloupe added: “He obviously doesn't respect you enough to not want attention from other women.“He’s decided to emotionally cheat and/or possibly physically cheat on you.We are great friends, I admired and respected him, and I trusted him completely. I have always been against marriage and felt that it was only because my husband was so exceptional that it made sense (my father abandoned us when we were kids). I don't want to tell my family because I am afraid they will stop respecting him.When I confronted him about the website, I found out that he had been doing it for six months (from the time my second daughter was a month old). A divorce would also cause a lot of heartache in both our families (we are from a country where this is not common). I have asked him to come clean with his parents because it would make me feel like it's a sign of being truly repentant.He said he never intended for it to go anywhere, though he did meet one of the women once. When I first found out, I asked him to not touch anything on his profile until I had time to think about it. (I am not religious.) It's been two months since I found out and he hasn't done it yet.And when I finally decided a couple of days later that I needed to go through the site and find out the extent of his betrayal, I found that he had changed some things to tone down what he had done. He is seeing a psychiatrist and telling her his life story so that's more a shoulder to whine and cry on than someone who will hold him accountable for what he did.A HEARTBROKEN woman who realised her boyfriend was active on a dating site designed for singletons took to the internet for advice… Apparently, the couple had been dating for five-and-a-half years, and lived together for four. “Maybe I'm a little petty, put I changed the About Me section, to say how much of an a**hole he is.

“Any advice would be appreciated.” Most Redditers were brutally honest, and suggested the let-down lady leave her fella immediately. “Sorry to hear, but you sound like you're making the right move. The Wizard Kara advised: “Even if he hasn't played away from home, he's not doing anything good on the site.“I was in a relationship where I had the same suspicious about my boyfriend.He was secretive about his phone, constantly on it, etc.I cannot admit to snooping in his computer to find evidence of this but now that I know (and on this particular site you can see that he is logging in almost daily) do you think it's just to get his jollies online or does it sound like I have to worry about him leaving or cheating.What's the best thing to do since I can't admit to the way I found out.

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