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Iran has responded by slowly easing some of its commitments to the nuclear deal and threatening to further roll back compliance.It has also threatened Persian Gulf oil traffic, rattling the global energy business.He has found a welcome ally in Trump, who last month announced the US was withdrawing from the deal and would apply heavy sanctions on Tehran.Both the US and Israel hope that Trump’s withdrawal can lead all sides into addressing what they say are the deal’s shortcomings — including “sunset” provisions that eventually end restrictions on Iranian nuclear activities, such as enriching uranium, as well as permitting Iran to continue to develop long-range missiles.Speaking to press before he left, Netanyahu stressed that he had “a very close and very good personal connection” with all three of the leaders and that he would raise with them two subjects: “Iran and Iran.” “First of all we need to continue the pressure on Iran against its nuclear program,” the prime minister said. It may be that on that issue there isn’t full agreement at the moment, but in my opinion over time such an understanding will crystallize.” “The second subject is halting Iranian aggression in the region, especially its attempts at military entrenchment against us in Syria and to attack us from there.In this matter I hope to formulate an agreed policy.” Netanyahu unsuccessfully tried to block the landmark nuclear deal, which gave Iran relief from crippling sanctions in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program, when it was negotiated in 2015 under the leadership of US president Barack Obama.But Mr Macron’s gambit appeared to be an attempt to use a touch of showbiz spectacle to seduce the former reality TV star into diplomacy, and convince him that a high-profile agreement with Iran was within his grasp.“All that has to happen is for the Trump administration to respond to the French suggestion positively,” said Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, a researcher and consultant regularly in touch with Iranian officials and European diplomats.

Mr Zarif’s visit has also enraged ideologically committed Washington hardliners who have the president’s ear on Iran policy and have been goading the White House to continue a policy of “maximum pressure” against Tehran.

“The Zarif surprise visit indicates the seriousness of the negotiations and backchannel talks that are happening at the moment through France.” Mr Macron was reportedly attempting to broker a deal between Tehran and Washington that would keep Iran in the JCPOA, the nuclear agreement, in exchange for easing some restrictions on Iranian oil sales.

Since unilaterally pulling out of the deal last year, the US has vowed to punish any entity that purchases Iranian oil, the lifeblood of its economy.

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