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After completing the internship, MTV offered her a permanent job, which she accepted.

She parodied her lack of footwear in a series of Swiffer sweeper commercials that started running on television and in periodicals in 2003.

She has always explained that her preference for working barefoot was in order not to ruin shoes, and not for comfort reasons.

In addition to her role on Trading Spaces, she was a designer for a spinoff show, Trading Spaces: Family.

The series was a personal look at what it is to be a designer, and a reverse client as she designs for herself and her daughter. This eight episode series featured Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer working together to help Airbnb and VRBO hosts redecorate and market their rental properties.

Marriages are something that can last a lifetime, and most are destined to last that long.

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