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Websites connecting strangers for aimless chatter are nearly as old as the internet itself.AOL chat rooms, which still provide a meeting place for groups to chat about American Idol and True Love After 40, reached their height of popularity in the late 90's.In the mean time, Chatroulette is a fascinating social project, though it is not one for the faint of heart.During a nine month period, 64 women who were looking to meet a man agreed to post their pictures on an online dating website.Instead of buying tickets to a concert, “getting sloshed” or simply enjoying each other's company, my hosts and I gathered around a computer to video chat with strangers.Using a website called Chatroulette, we connected instantly to female college students in Korea, teenage boys in Brazil and one gentleman dressed as a horse.With each connection, you are transported to someone's living room, bedroom or office cubicle.

By Olivia Scheck Last week, while vacationing in San Francisco, I was introduced to a new and thoroughly modern form of evening entertainment.I have tried out dating in all its directions: virtual (popular applications) and real (sign up for a speed dating evening and approach the girls on the street).To understand the quality of dating I have deduced four important criteria by which you can evaluate any dating.Perhaps this is why a person who is introverted in his physical life chooses to don a horse costume and dance for strangers on the internet.One hopes that in the future sites like Chatroulette can preserve the freeing effects of a social world without consequences while limiting the unfortunate behavior that can accompany it.

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More recently, a teenage web programmer developed a website called Omegle to connect strangers in one-on-one interactions.

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