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I have seen the light where I was in darkness throughput this relationship. Reply I have a family member that we just cant go no contact – she has continued to break into my house steal lie you name it – I live alone and absolutely nothing has worked – my mom and I now know her detailed past and it includes burglary prison time etc – I’m doing my best but the past 1 1/2 years have been hell – I’ve tried to ignore as much as possible but 2x had to get police involved – nothing works shes a pro Reply This is great information , unfortunately my narc takes my money, he says it is his. We have 2 children together , he has a son and I have a daughter separate from him.

He broke my phone four years ago , and I have not had contact with my family since then.

I have been suffering for 28 years By living with a man who is a covert, malignant narcissist.

He has used every behavior to get his supply from me.

I was in that position at one point in time, and I made it my mission to find a way out of it.

Wishing you the best…Kim Reply I am so happy to know you Kim.

To make matters worse I am a therapist to and I was living in denial and had blinders over my eyes because I didn’t want to believe what might possibly be true.

And thank you once again for all of your support and knowledge. Don’t feel bad about being a therapist inside of your situation.

I have worked with many lovely souls like yourself who are very learned in psychology and have licenses to practice, but still fell prey to these individuals.

I do have a tablet and I’ve reached out to domestic violence shelter because he is extremely violent when he does not get his way, if you prove he is wrong on a topic example we went to Indiana beach I told him the correct way to get there and we pass a gas station, he called me every name hit me saying I’m stupid we did not pass a gas station (which we did every time we go) only 10 minutes to be proven wrong by passing the station I told him we will pass, that simply enraged him even more.

I’ve said things back to him verbatim what he just said and have been body slammed for “talking back” the same for answering a question he asked and he did not like the answer I was 7 months pregnant and he was smacking me in the face while driving down the road.

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