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The first test to yield oil was made on 4 March 1938 and Dammam 7 was completed in the C Member of the Arab Formation later the same month.Surface mapping, seismograph surveys and structure drilling continued throughout this period, and in 1939, a gravity meter-magnetometer survey was started.By 1935, two-man reconnaissance parties had penetrated south as far as Yabrin (lat. Structure drilling began late in 1936 and seismograph was first used in 1937.By this time the initial objective of getting a general picture of the Concession had been achieved - the succession of geologic strata had largely been worked out, the broad geologic pattern of the area deciphered, the major unconformities recognized, and most of the rock units named. Little else specific was known of the geology of this vast region. 4558'E), west across Ad Dahna to the Precambrian basement.Systematic mapping of the sedimentary geology of Saudi Arabia began in September, 1933, less than four months after the Saudi Arabian Government granted an oil concession to Standard Oil Company of California . Standard of California assigned its rights and obligations to a then wholly-owned subsidiary company formed for this purpose, known since 1944 as Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco).

At the end of 1966, Aramco had discovered productive oil in thirteen fields and sixteen different reservoirs; total estimated remaining proved reserves of recoverable crude oil were nearly 75 billion barrels.

After the war, all exploration activities were resumed at nearly their former level.

By the end of 1954, surface mapping parties had surveyed much of the Concession, in part by reconnaissance traverses but mostly in considerable detail.

Information provided by these wells has proved invaluable, bearing heavily on regional correlation, presence and amount of truncation of unconformities, facies changes, and distribution of favorable reservoir rocks.

During the post-war period, wildcat drilling discovered oil at Qatif (Al Qatif) in 1945, at Ain Dar (Ayn Dar) in 1948, and at Haradh (Harad) and Fadhili (Al Fadili) in 1949.

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