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But I became skittish about revealing my disability, because in an already shallow dating culture, I believed my wheelchair would cause most men to write me off without a second thought. Once I thought I’d spoken with a guy long enough to establish his interest, I’d choose a moment to strike, telling him about my disability.I’d send a long-winded explanation divulging my wheelchair use, reminding him that it didn’t make me any less of person and ending with reassurance that he could ask me questions, should he have any.

I shut that down by explaining that my disability is part of who I am and it’s nothing to be sorry for.

A site which takes the nuances of rural living into account performs well with those who find this problematic. Raised in Dorset, he holds a BA from The University of Nottingham and an MSc from Lund University School of Economics and Management.

Previously he has written about politics, economics and technology for various online publications.

A few minutes later, he replied, but instead of responding to my reptilian inquiry, he asked, “Are you in a wheelchair?

”I kept my answer simple and told him that yes, I do use a wheelchair, but I was much more interested in the back story of the iguana.

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