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Jennings (age twenty-six) and Jason Graves (age eighteen), both of whom had previously worked at the Cracker Barrel and knew the victims, were apprehended and jailed approximately three weeks later in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Jennings ultimately made lengthy statements to Florida law enforcement personnel.In a taped interview, Jennings blamed the murders on Graves, but admitted his (Jennings') involvement in planning and, after several aborted attempts, actually perpetrating the robbery with Graves.Great Performance But Poor Promotion Kalamazoo State Theatre - Kalamazoo Joe's performance was great but the venue and promoted show was poor.We paid a good price to sit up front in 2nd row but we could not see because people where allowed to stand in front at the stage for the show who did not pay to have access to that row. Arena Theatre - Houston The concert was great overall.Despite the show starting later than the posted time, both Stokley and Joe's performances was well worth the wait!

Siddle was found with her hands bound with electrical tape behind her back.

Police also found bloody shoe prints leading from the freezer, through the kitchen, and into the office, blood spots in and around the kitchen sink, and an opened office safe surrounded by plastic containers and cash.

Outside, leading away from the back of the restaurant, police found scattered bills and coins, shoe tracks, a Buck knife, a Buck knife case, a pair of blood-stained gloves, and a Daisy air pistol.

The office safe was found open and was surrounded by cash and plastic containers.

Behind the restaurant there were scattered bills, a knife, a knife case, a pair of bloodstained gloves, an air pistol, and shoe prints leading away from the restaurant.

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