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Also, she studied the autobiography of Menachem Begin, the film and even had her hair shaved in a scene of the movie.

The 2005 dystopian political thriller film was set in 2032, where an anarchist and freedom fighter who goes by the alias V (played by Hugo Weaving) plots an overthrow of the existing tyrannical British government with the help of a woman, Evey Hammond, played by Natalie Portman.

The actress has recorded an appreciable number of works in both film and television and hopefully more to come.

While you can be easily overwhelmed looking at the number of films she has starred in and not knowing which to watch, here are 10 Natalie Portman movies you must see at least once.

The two at that instant became friends and later, lovers.

A series of events that happened, however, saw Dan having interest in other women which of course left Alice heartbroken.

In the film, our cynosure plays the role of Alice Ayres (Jane Jones) who meets a stranger, Jude Law as Dan Woolf on the street after she was knockdown by a taxi while staring at him across the other end of the street.

To tell you why this is a masterpiece, a lot of work was put into it starting from the scriptwriting to forming the crew and ultimately, the filming of the project itself.

Natalie went the extra length of working with dialectologist Barbara Berker to master the English accent which the role demanded of her.

In the Box office, Léon: The Professional was also a remarkable success having made .1 million from a budget of million.

The film which starred Jean Reno as Léon Montana (hitman), Natalie Portman as Mathilda Lando, Gary Oldman as Norman Stansfield, and Danny Aiello as Tony, saw Mathilda get trained by Léon in his line of profession.

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