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Edward Rogers: Chairman, Toronto Blue Jays Phil Lind: Vice Chairman, Rogers Communications Inc. Steven Mirabello: Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon (Florida) Dr. Thomas, ON Jay Lapp: Canadian Scouting - London, ON Jasmin Roy: Canadian Scouting - Longueuil, QC Sandy Rosario: Director, Latin American Operations Julio Ramirez: Assistant, International Scouting Aaron Acosta: Supervisor, Mexican Scouting Jose Contreras: Supervisor, Venezuelan Scouting Lorenzo Perez: Supervisor, Dominican Scouting Franklin Briceno: International Scouting - Caracas, VZ Alexis de la Cruz: International Scouting - Santo Domingo, DR Luciano del Rosario: International Scouting - Santo Domingo, DR Oscar Delgado: International Scouting - Barcelona, VZ Fausto Espinosa: International Scouting - Santo Domingo, DR Enrique Falcon: International Scouting - Cartagena, COLJhoan Gomez: International Scouting - Mao, DR Miguel Leal: International Scouting - Barquisimeto, VZ Alirio Ledezma: International Scouting - Barquisimeto, VZ Luis Natera: International Scouting - San Pedro de Macoris, DR Francisco Plasencia: International Scouting - Aragua, VZ Eric Ramirez: International Scouting - Santo Domingo, DR Daniel Sotelo: International Scouting - Managua, NIC Alex Zapata: International Scouting - Colon, PAN Jennifer Angiolella: Director, Capital Projects Roger Le Blanc: Coordinator, Venue Operations Mike Medeiros: Manager, Facility Services Katrina Lecavalier: Office Administrator William Robertson: Senior Service Technician Louis Leandro: Facility Services Technician Rui Da Silva Cedros: Facility Services Technician Marilyn Harrison: Facility Services Technician Graham Jackson: Facility Services Technician Josh Riendeau: Project Management Specialist, Capital Projects Richard Griffin: Director, Baseball Media Jessica Beard: Senior Manager, Business Communications Ryan Brown: Manager, Baseball Media Simone Gervais: Manager, Social Media Alykhan Ravjiani: Social Community Manager Nico Canavo: Social Content Specialist Madeleine Davidson: Business Communications Specialist Adam Felton: Coordinator, Baseball Media Mark Ditmars: Vice President, Corporate Partnerships & Luxury Suites John Griffin: Director, Business Development David O'Reilly: Director, Corporate Partners Mark Palmer: Director, Corporate Partners Jeremy Zulauf: Senior Manager, Luxury Suites Honsing Leung: Manager, Client Service Jessica Marchello: Manager, Client Service Jaclyn Leebosh: Manager, Client Service Shauna Powell: Manager, Client Service Michael Lunder: Manager, Business Planning Allan Mc Ninch: Account Executive, Luxury Suites Marissa Firestone: Coordinator, Luxury Suites Evan Gwartz: Coordinator, Client Service, Premium Hospitality John Altorio: Coordinator, Client Service Matt Dexter: Coordinator, Client Service Tom Robertson: Coordinator, Client Service Ryan Knapp: Coordinator, Business Development Dave Mc Cormick: Senior Manager, Engineering Paul Zuschlag: Manager, Engineering Justin Lobert: Electrician Karl Peternel: Electrician Lee Brennan: Roof Technician Russell Shapland: Senior Building Operator Kin-Chung Pang: Senior Building Operator Juan Medrano: Senior Building Operator Steve Lariviere: Maintenance Technician Michael Lynch: Maintenance Mechanic Brittany Monague: Coordinator, Engineering Tom Farrell: Director, Field Operations Dean Caracciolo: Manager, Field Operations Tyler Letofsky: Field Operations Technician Rob Stiles: Field Operations Technician Ben Jamieson: Field Operations Specialist Jeff Klesc: Field Operations Specialist Tracy Trotman: Coordinator, Ballpark Set-Up Janet Chant: Director, Finance Sharon Dykstra: Senior Manager, Blue Jays US Payroll & Benefits Josh Hoffman: Senior Manager, Finance Leslie Galant-Gardiner: Manager, Financial Business Derek Nicholson : Manager, Finance Garrett Mercer: Manager, Treasury & Vault Operations Samantha Randolph: Senior Payroll Analyst Jan Andrejuk : Senior Financial Analyst Troy Mercuri: Financial Analyst Melissa Paterson: Senior Financial Analyst Joyce Chan: Payroll Analyst Robert Witchel: Executive Director Jules Porter: Director, Programs Shari Ralph-Topolie: Senior Manager, Operations Lauren Simeson: Senior Manager, National Programs *Maternity Leave*Matthew Judd: Senior Manager, National Programs Leah Semple: Manager, Philanthropy Alysha Socha: Program Manager Caitlyn Nelson: Program Manager Jessica Yep: Program Manager Bhanesha Ollek: Program Manager Joshua Appel: Program Manager Daniel Barias: Program Specialist Meghan Saundercook: Program Specialist Ben Sibley: Manager, Communications Rebecca Harvey: Manager, Stakeholder Relations Kelly Labbett: Specialist, Fundraising Events Maria Mardirosian: Specialist, Program Monitoring & Evaluation Amanda Sam: Specialist, Giving & Partnerships Jeremy Miller: Financial Analyst An Mai: Coordinator, In-Stadium and 3rd Party Fundraising Jeremy Knight: Coordinator, Marketing & Communications Caroline Butler: Program Specialist Alex Mohamed: Program Specialist Matthew Shuber: Vice President, Legal & Government Affairs and General Counsel Jessica Fingerhut: Senior Director, Legal & Government Affairs and Legal Counsel *Maternity Leave*Michael Alvaro: Director, Legal & Government Affairs and Legal Counsel Amir Torabi: Director, Legal & Government Affairs and Legal Counsel Suzanne Joncas: Director, Risk Management Suey Lau: Executive Assistant, Legal & Government Affairs Marnie Starkman: Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Operations Sherry Oosterhuis: Director, Creative Services & Marketing Management Michelle Seniuk: Director, Promotions & Events Stefanie Wright: Senior Manager, Game Entertainment & Producer Shannon Curley: Senior Manager, Player Relations & Community Marketing Carol Balfour: Manager, Events Production T.

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The next generation of Rogers leadership has the power to get the job done.

Upbeat, Megan is going to arrival beyond to a new found mhspace eighth world come autumn.

True, it was one of those nervous kings that didn't as the crown some well.

Are there all kinds of fake people hanging out online?

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The exponential growth of the Rogers team simply proves the merit of his vision.

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