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Staying in this pattern can leave your child in a state of permanent adolescence, ready to “let Mom to Dad do it” while he goes about his business.

And probably your adult child means no harm by any of this—he’s just behaving the way he always has because nothing has changed.

Over functioning for your child can be difficult to stop because it is often an automatic response.

Also, it might give you that warm feeling of being helpful to your child.

One of the biggest challenges is to create new patterns of behavior between you and your child that reflect the fact that your child is now an adult.

Knowing what your child is going through helps you to stay calm and to communicate with her without overreacting or getting into a power struggle. Still, I’d appreciate it if you could express your annoyance in a polite way and help out around the house as long as you’re living here.When you come at me with an accusing tone or take me for granted, I don’t like it. Also, ask yourself if there is anything in your interaction with him that might be contributing to his disrespect and entitlement. Could he be acting entitled because you continually give in to him? Are you constantly “helping” him, leaving him feeling suffocated?If you’re going to live here, then you need to help out and learn to speak to me in a respectful way.” When your child is being rude, disrespectful, and acting entitled, you do have a choice in how to handle the behavior. Take a close look at yourself and how you interact with your child. Below are 4 steps you can take today to restore peace and sanity to the household while your adult child is living under the same roof as you.These old patterns will also hurt your efforts to maintain a strong and healthy relationship while they are home. This happens when you do too much for your kids, which results in your children doing too little.It’s easy to fall back into this pattern because it might have been going on for years.

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