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The seat of many ancient states established on the territory of Mongolia, the Orkhon Valley Complex was recognized by UNESCO World Heritage as a cultural landscape in 2004.

For the sake of providing a stepping stone from which to start a bucket list exploration of Mongolia, here are ten sights that are conventionally regarded as a must for visitors to get a sense – but are by no means a comprehensive representation of – this rich country. It is a fusion of tradition and modernity in the strictest sense, and though travelers do not usually come to Mongolia to experience its urban culture, they typically experience both that and a strong nomadic influence here.

Glimpses of the country’s ancient and recent history can be viewed through day trips to the remnant monasteries, Soviet-style apartments and public buildings, modern glassy skyscrapers and the ger districts along with sites like the National Museum, Natural History Museum, Government House, and Zaisan Hill to name just few.

A place like Narantuul Market, a covered market with stalls selling traditional Mongolian lifestyle needs, is one that no other city can offer.

HOHHOT, July 31 (Xinhua) -- North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is working on the restoration and digitalization of Mongolian archives dating from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to the Republic of China period (1912-1949), authorities said Wednesday.

According to the region's archives bureau, it is working with a tech company to restore Mongolian archives dating from the ruling period of Qing Emperor Qianlong to the Republic of China period.

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