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We pathologized him in a way we might pathologize our crappy exes or our unfulfilling parents or whatever, just to have a name to call him. If we only see “crazy” as “villainous,” we’ll spend all our time talking about Trump’s real or imagined pathologies, and none on how his administration is impacting people with mental illness and their access to care.

And yet, when you look at what’s on the chopping block in every repeal-and-replace effort, what is it? I have always struggled with depression; I’ve been in therapy for years, on medication, I take these things very seriously.

The essay helped me understand that I don’t necessarily need to feel resolved on how racism exists in feminism, that I’m constantly going to be navigating it, and that’s okay.

It taught me that I don’t need to abandon feminism altogether but that I can hold space for my anger and resentment toward corporate, whitewashed feminism while also honoring the queer and POC-centered feminism that enriches my life.

Because I edit an online feminist magazine, I was already talking about politics before writing the essay, and I have to say, I am grateful for the ongoing dialogue I’ve been engaged in with the writers I work with because they really help me evolve, and in many instances, they’ve opened my eyes.

I remember a couple of years ago, one writer told me Trump would be elected, and I said, “Really? ” Because as a New Yorker, I’d seen him threaten to run for office, dip his toe in, and flee when he realized he didn’t have a chance. She said, “You are underestimating the racism in this country.” I didn’t entirely doubt it because we were seeing police murder Black men and women nearly every day.

  Everything's just sort of supposed to be okay and part of nature, but it's like, wait--nature is f***ing scary as s**t!   I mean, I watched the footage a few times and every time, it just grossed me out. Randall's reaction: " really feel the need 2 'unsubscribe' 'cause I made a vid 4 a service I believe in-go ahead! " ---- I may have just interviewed a fictional character. Because that character, Randall from Randall's Wild Wild World of Animals, created one of the funniest videos on You Tube I have ever seen. Randall narrates over footage from National Geographic portraying the most ridiculously fearless animal on earth. For instance, that honey badger clip was sent to my assistant by a friend of his. How come I never heard of this crazy lil' beast, in all my years of loving animals? I mean, there's someone who just took what he wanted and didn't give a s**t. I-I'd be awful scared, but would calmly roll on the ground, get up and run backwards 50 yards, while covering my neck.

As I mentioned in my essay [“Is There Ever a Right Time to Talk to Your Children About Fascism”], my mother had ingrained in my head that fascism never really goes away, it just lies dormant for awhile — and when things go bad, people look for a scapegoat, there’s a mob mentality, and people like to be told what to think and what to do.

  So, growing up, I got into the habit of narrating everything: trips to the zoo, the animals at the zoo, my pop's footage, everything. You seem particularly interested in vicious animals ...   I think it must have something to do with our fascination of shocking viciousness--both in humans and animals.   Just think, if Kermit weren't on The Muppet Show, he might've been some bullfrog's lunch! Why do you think the honey badger has resonated so well with people?   That wonderful Nat Geo footage perfectly paints this, wild  painting of the honey badger; it is so well-edited, in fact, we left it as is.   I believe this is what one does when unexpectedly meeting a Cobra...right?   Maybe I'd pretend I was playing a flute and whistle at it? Then he switches to pitch for Grasshopper, a virtual phone system. I've always loved buffalo, but just don't know, simply, if I could ever be one... I have to impersonate people when I go to a drive-through for example. I get him to do so much work for me because he knows he owes me one--it's as stupid as that!

  I started all that craziness at around seven?   I think we get caught up in everything being so cute and friendly. I think it goes back to society's obsession with nasty lil' things. It's the reason those Real Housewives shows do so well.   Then, I sprinkled my narration magic dust on it and I think it resonates so well because of the combination of that footage with my narration.   You know, most wildlife narrators sugarcoat things.   So I think people enjoy the "realness" of the video and ultimately, the honey badger itself. It's interesting to see the reaction to the video, including some claims of sell-out. The things they do and their gross diets, are just what makes them "vicious." But, I think you'll find these animals, deep down, still need their mamas like we do; they need food and oxygen just like us. To me, there's no dif between any of these vicious animals and say Bernie Madoff. I think I may have to go with a "whale." At least I'd be able to sing all day and remain a mammal! x-id=ca7dd4db-6552-48b7-84a5-8c0518fbfb50" alt="" / How has your life changed since you posted that video -- does 5.2 million views on You Tube make things better or worse? Sometimes, I'll forget what I've done and when I get to the window, I say, "thank you, doll," and they're all, "Randall? " Yeah, when I'm out with pals, I'll usually have them do all the talkin'.

Ironically, and thankfully, much of the current discourse around mental health seems to be in reaction to Donald Trump’s presidency.

As opposed to it being focused on his mental (in)stability, it’s centered around how we (those of us who didn’t support his presidency and are negatively impacted by it) find ways to cope.

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