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For you ladies out there, do yourself a favor and take your own sacks of Pogey Bait and Texan Pogey Bait to keep you safe, so you aren’t lured in by the siren sounds of those POGs suffering from DSD (Deployment Sexual Deprivation).You know they’ll do anything to get you to empty some of that Pogey Bait from their nut sack.All of this brings us around to the now ubiquitous term “pogey bait.” Anyone heading out to the field or preparing for a deployment will be told that one of the most important items in your kit is pogey bait, and life will be infinitely better if you listen up.

The Air Force doesn’t really use it, because let’s be honest, they’re basically an entire branch of pogues playing military dress-up (Don’t hate us, Air Force. The term POG is basically anyone who does not work in those traditional front line, tip of the spear jobs. The ones who get to sit back and get to live their best life behind the wire on a deployment with wi-fi, three hots and a cot, or for the ultimate in POG-life, not deploying at all and complaining when the gym runs out of fresh towels.

As veterans ourselves, much of our product naming is based on military terminology, with the odd outliers that are just based on a little lowbrow humor, because lowbrow humor and military go together like whiskey and bacon.

Or Privates and stripper wives coupled with 30% interest V6 Mustangs.

A language that is primarily based on a building block that, though not exclusive to military life, got its start in so-called “military speak” and has become a fundamental part of communication between service members. Some of you may have heard the term FUBAR and have a vague idea that it means something has gone wrong, but FUBAR is an acronym that started life in the military and encompasses all that makes military acronyms so special.

That basic building block of military speech is the acronym, and it is nigh on impossible to go more than two minutes in any conversation with a military member without encountering several acronyms. But the military has a particular love for turning everything they can into an acronym. You can’t always go around throwing out swear words, because you may be among civilians or ranking brass who will get their panties in a wad.

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