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She truly pushes herself at every event, and is not afraid to decide the night before to make the trek to an event.

Next up in my Badass Women of OCR article series, meet Jah Lisa James.

Charity Fick takes a look each week at the women who help shape the obstacle racing industry both publicly and behind the scenes.

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I had the absolute honor of meeting Jessica Martin for the first time this summer, at the Spartan Hurricane Heat in Washougal, Washington.

Most OCR athletes you meet have a similar and most likely worse story, and most of their feet are gross. I’ll never forget the moment I crossed my first finish line, and the medal was hung from my neck. I’m a massive geek, and when I started racing I watched every video I could lay my hands on.

With the right care mine grew back as good as new, but others are not so lucky. I watched these incredible people take on races with smiles and cheeky winks.

OCR is both incredibly tight knit, yet welcoming, and it’s not a facade.

Maybe there’s something in the mud, or the struggle, but we’re all in it together.

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