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https:// My observation from living here for a dozen years (originally from Westchester County, NY) is that people (women) are nice enough once you can break through, but not as worldly as you are probably used to. Living in the plains generally means that people don't have easy access to more sophisticated experiences that people from the coasts have fairly regularly, if not in their everyday life.

It seems to me that not many people travel much outside the midwest very extensively.

Also, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that most people are usually busy shopping or running errands.

One girl I brought home at night said, "Honestly, if you came up to me in a grocery store, I probably will tell you I have a boyfriend or I'm not interested." So environment does have something to do with it.

How many women reach their mid-30's childless and washed up because they keep trying to find some mythical 11 when they could've easily "settled" for a fantastic '7' of a guy who would've made a wonderful husband & father to her children?

My guess is that you'll find that situation in the millions now.

Freeway access into this town is better than almost any city I've been to of this size. For some reason even the average girls think they're too good for everyone. Like do I have to look like a hillbilly or something to be attractive here?

Let's start out with a couple facts: 1) The Omaha metropolitan area is about 1 million people.It's all hogwash, but society is definitely feeling the brunt of it. I would've supposed things are better in the mid-west, but by your post it seems the media poison has spread there too.And hey, I know some of all this may sound "harsh" to some of the people reading this but don't shoot the messenger here, just observe the world around us a little more and it'll become clear. What i hate the most is the girls who think they are entitled to model looking guys, muscular, blah blah when those girls can't even meet half of the long list of qualifications they have! I guess women are conditioned that they get to be too picky no matter what just because, you know, have vaginas.You'll see people from New York, Jersey and sometimes Delaware or Maryland come out.And there is quite a range of very friendly and super nice women to exceptionally rude, but hey, that's people in general I guess.

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For now, I'm focusing on the new job and getting my rent paid. If dating in Nebraska is any easier than Philadelphia than woohoo, but it's not a huge deal.

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