Online dating men to women ratio

According to statistics CEO Noel Biderman has trumpeted in the media, Ashley Madison enjoys an overall 70/30 gender split — with a …

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Oct 27, 2016 · Sarah has had the standard experience on dating sites – * (the majority of) men bombard women with messages, which forces women to retreat and take over a very passive role.

How Ashley Madison ‘blasted’ older men gender ratio (men outnumber women) aggressive “alpha mails” (men who send an email to dozens of women every day) players (men who try to juggle several women at a time) women who feel that men should always initiate contact; dating site restrictions (women in free trial can receive messages but must buy subscription to respond) According to some, a few years ago gender ratio was something like 56% men to 44% women.

Not too off balance and typical of most dating sites.

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