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Grand Theft Auto 5's install size has been growing steadily since its launch last year, to the point where the game's latest update (last weekend's GTA Online Flight School pack) was the last that will fit onto 12GB consoles.

Select “Swap Character” from the Online tab within the single-player pause menu, deleting the character that was unable to get into the tutorial, and then create a new character.

If you want to update to the upcoming patch dropping for Grand Theft Auto V, you will have to upgrade your 12GB PS3 unit.

While most gamers who have focused on embracing the digital distribution age that really lit up during the seventh generation have already upgraded their PS3's hard drive to something bigger and beefier, some gamers may have wanted to avoid treating their home console like a PC or just couldn't afford to throw money into additional spare hard drives.

“As the world of Grand Theft Auto Online continues to expand and evolve through ongoing updates, storage limitations of the Play Station 3 12GB hardware will require owners to purchase additional storage to accommodate GTAV Title Updates after 1.16 (released on 8/19/14).

All updates and content must remain installed on the system in order to maintain compatibility for all players within GTA Online.

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