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it’s how we work as women (hence why I coach women to not jump ahead and just stay present!)But on the flip side use that weakness to your advantage IF you have the right intentions.It doesn’t mean she is the one, but by at least asking her this question it shows that you are also a man who thinks about the next part of your life.2: “Have you ever been told that you look like …(insert a gorgeous celebrity)”Ok, there is a slight rule with this one…make sure you choose someone who she actually remotely looks like…no point saying she looks like Beyoncé if she is Chinese.Point out the small details that you are noticing and she will feel singled out and very special and you will come across really romantic…like seriously we melt with that sort of stuff.1: “Are you a family type of girl? This is going to hit her right in the feels because it shows that you are someone who appreciates family which equals: good man = good husband= good father =jackpot. Ask her about her family, parents and siblings to show you care and then talk about your own so that she can feel more connected and closer to you.No doubt the subject of children will come into the conversation at some point, feel free to express your own opinion here, but make sure you do so in a way that is thoughtful and promising, but not necessarily committed.(remember guys don’t just aim to impress women , aim to impress women that are actually worth dating and investing into)And secondly, it also sends the message to her that you are a future thinker…that you are a man with a plan and it may very well include her!

She is a dating and relationship advisor for e Harmony , Plenty Of Fish , Happn , We Date and and continues to fuse the gap between technology and finding love.

And her teachings have been written in educational textbooks that are distributed throughout the whole of North America.

Renee is often called to present as a relationship expert for Channel 7, Channel 10, SBS, talkshows, podcasts and commercial radio globally.

I’d dive into the intersection of where my passions meet my career, while someone else might describe their family or why they chose to move to the city they live in.

Discovering what question is important enough for someone to answer is enlightening in itself.

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