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North Roadside #2 - Outside Garage Wall #3 - Cottage Deck Towards Hazelmere #4 - Potter Rd.Friday Conditions – messy Swell – 3ft Winds – light southerly strengthens as the day moves forward Session – nothing early – try the more protected spots as wind and tide settle in High AM Low AM High PM Saturday Conditions – expect sideways southerly conditions Swell – 3-4ft Winds – light southerly early freshening again in the arvo Session – best take a look at the more protected spots for the day High AM Low AM High PM Sunday Conditions – promising Swell – 4-5ft dropping during the day Winds – looks like an early brisky offshore due swinging light to moderate southerly for the day Session – take a look around 8am to let the offshore clean up the southerly buckle High AM Low AM High PM Have a good one Keep it simple / keep it clean Be safecheers Wednesday Conditions – southerly and a bit sideways Swell – 4ft Winds – moderate southerly for most of the day Session – try the more protected spots Low AM 0.39m High PM Thursday Conditions – there could be something if the short offshore cleans up the southerly wobble Swell – 4-5ft at 14secs Winds – early land breeze with a mid morning devil wind due for the rest of the day Session – its 50/50 for the dawnie.

All I can say is that its not looking lukka for the weekend (sorry)The NE uses our heads as a baseball and takes one mighty swing on Saturday.

The video cam has a refresh rate between 1 and 10 seconds depending on your internet connection speed.

If the video is not showing please come back at a later date as our server updates regularly.

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Try the more protected spots Low AM High PM Tuesday Conditions – Eish!!

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