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Whitman made several high-profile guest appearances in 20.She also appeared on Desperate Housewives in the episode "Nice She Ain't" as Sarah, an unscrupulous friend of Julie Mayer (Andrea Bowen).From 2004 to 2006, Whitman had a recurring role on Arrested Development, reuniting with Shawkat.Whitman appeared in the 2006 series Thief for FX Networks, playing the stepdaughter of Nick Atwater (Andre Braugher).Whitman was initially cast in the 2007 series remake of The Bionic Woman, playing the deaf younger sister of the title character.On June 27, 2007, TV Guide reported that Whitman was being replaced in the role of Jaime's sister and Lucy Hale was cast as Whitman's replacement the following July.Peter’s family is very accepting of Lucy and Lucy is so in need of a family that they take to each other right away.Whereas Lucy’s affection for Peter is imagined, her affection for his family becomes very sincere as she gets to know them, especially for Peter’s brother, Jack.

According to co-writer and director Roland Emmerich, Whitman did not reprise her role as the President's daughter in Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the 1996 blockbuster hit Independence Day, because she did not want to read for the part.She performed a small speaking part in the rapper DVS' record "Charlie Chaplin" where she plays the part of what DVS sees as the stereotypical hipster expressing distaste with music and television to appear special. It made more than four times its budget in its initial USA theatrical release alone.There, Peter’s family mistakes Lucy as Peter’s fiancé.It is the first of two moments that require some suspension of disbelief.

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Whitman has expressed her feelings on being typecast as an outsider in various roles in television and movies.

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