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TEGAN I’ll be quite honest, there was a point where there were six people in our band. Even though we had a pop hit [“Closer”], and even though we were playing with Katy Perry, we were still so queer and different.

I just started to think we seemed like we were like Crosby, Stills & Nash or something. So we were like, yeah, let’s make another pop record.

By contrast, Lovato and Perry’s tracks are acutely aware of their ‘this isn’t what I usually do’ attitude, but it’s that the language is there at all which is so important, reckons Sara.

“People underestimate how powerful that message is to society.

We always felt a little awkward in the indie-rock world anyway, because we weren’t necessarily guitar players by nature. SARA In the ’90s, everything was about the guitar, everything was about rock and alternative music.

The timing was just really specific around us beginning to write songs and starting our first band.

‘Love You To Death’ is a masterclass in 80s-inspired melodies and clean production.

Here, synths need no signposting and hooks are as frequent as cat’s eyes in the road, guitars an all-but-distant memory for the Canadian pair so rapidly speeding along the highway from indie idols to Top 40 mainstays.

It’s a tough question for anyone to answer more specifically, particularly when they’ve been performing for nearly two decades.

Pop music had started getting really cool and interesting.

SARA Growing up in the sort of heyday of radio, I had a pretty cranky, snobby view of it.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t because the banging chorus would’ve proven too much for us all to handle.

Instead, she suggests, it’s because the mainstream’s discussion around queerness was coming not from members of the community.

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Though times have changed somewhat, it’s been a long haul.

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