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The Mississippian culture was a mound-building Native American culture that flourished in what is now the Midwestern, inland-Eastern, and Southeastern United States from approximately 800 CE to 1500 CE, varying regionally.Its core area, along the Mississippi River, stretched from sites such as Cahokia in modern Illinois, to Mound Bottom in Tennessee, to the Winterville site in the state of Mississippi.Russell Reservoir in Elbert County, Georgia approximately 0.8 km from the creek's confluence with the Savannah River. A South Appalachian Mississippian single mound site located on the western bank of the Coosawattee River below the Coosawatee’s junction with Talking Rock Creek.The site, along with the Sixtoe Mound and Little Egypt site were destroyed by the construction of Carters Dam in the 1970s.Located in Wilcox County, Alabama, it covers 50 acres (20 ha) and shows evidence of human occupation from 9000 BCE to 1800 CE.It is best known for its Mississippian artifacts from the Burial Urn Culture period.

It was occupied during the Thurston Phase of the local chronology and artifacts from the site have been radiocarbon dated to 1298 to 1465 CE. Davis Site (41CE19), a Caddoan Mississippian site located in Cherokee County, Texas 26 miles west of Nacogdoches, Texas on Texas State Highway 21 near its intersection with U. Route 69 in the Piney Woods region of east Texas Near East St.

Temple mound complexes further extend from Aztalan in Wisconsin to Crystal River in Florida, and from Fort Ancient now in Ohio to Spiro in Oklahoma, while Mississippian cultural influences extended as far north and west, as modern North Dakota.

Located near Hickman in Fulton County, Kentucky, it consists of a 7.25 hectare village area built over the remains of a Late Woodland village with a central group of platform mounds around a central plaza and another smaller plaza area to the southwest of the largest mound, occupied during the Medley(1100 to 1300) and Jackson(1300 to 1500) Phases of the local chronology.

To its northeast is Mound C, another platform mound with a height of 15 feet (4.6 m).

A South Appalachian Mississippian culture multimound and village site located near the confluence of the Tallapoosa and Coosa rivers in modern Montgomery County, Alabama and likely occupied from 1400–1550 CE.

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The site was an extensive village occupation dating between 1400-1650 CE.

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