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In fact, one of the photos listed as acceptable is a gym mirror selfie.

But the new guidelines should at least reduce profiles that are inappropriately explicit.

) in a Bumble chat without the other user’s consent. You’d get kicked out of a restaurant, and you’ll get kicked off of Bumble."To be fair, Bumble is also banning these same kinds of photos for women.

And those bros who can't resist taking a shirtless selfie still have plenty of options, as long as they're wearing more than underwear.

), non-smiling shots, pics in bed, drunken party shots, no friends or fam in any pic, pics with an animal where the animal looks coerced, pics with kids (unless it's clearly not yours)."The ones I do like? Smiling shots, one or two friends or fam members in some shots.

Tux shots are pretty good, puppy pics, any hobby shots where you look like you're having a good time! Basically shots where I can see who you are so I can work out if I'm attracted to you and if we have similar values."I look at it positively - my default is to say yes to you. I also may excuse one breach of my rules depending on the other shots!

There’s the peacocks flashing their brilliant feathers. Bumble is taking off because of a novel concept: Women make the first move.

On the other hand, guys who only wear suits seem boring.

I don't like guys that try to look intimidating or are overly serious.

Also as pretty as they may be, I also can't take a guy seriously if he takes shirtless selfies at the gym – I may perve, admire and daydream for a minute, but he's not my future hubby."Sarah*, 24 (dating men) "If they have a dog, their chances are increased by 80%.

Of all the images you can encounter on a dating app, few are as loathsome as the shirtless mirror selfie.

In fact, it's perhaps rivaled only by the dick pic.

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